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Improve a PP design you bought (Ireland)

Bought a site with PP ? Dont Like ? Let us improve it

  • 1 hour
  • €110 to start
  • Online

Service Description

Book -> Review -> Redesign -> Reapply (PP)) Many people in Ireland buy a site with planning permission (PP). Often the house plan was designed to get an easy grant of planning permission rather than to suit a family or the site. Now that you have your permission why not let us try to create a much better design for you, one that does suit your family and site (view, slope access, sun). Then we can reapply to change the PP. No guarantees, but we can often make a good case to planners as to why a better design for you is also better for the environment, for the locality and thus makes for a better planning outcome overall. First let us review the PP and design then we can take it from there. Review : €110 re Design: €1900-2500 re apply for PP : €1750

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