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Terms of Use

House Plan Doctor services are in person consultancy and desk study services to improve or study your houses layout, plans for a new build house or other aspects of a house (the services) and are provided by architect Brian T O Brien for (the architect).

By accepting these Terms or/and using these Services you understand and agree that:

  • The services are done as desk studies based on the information provided or readily available. They are based on general good design principles and are not specific to any jurisdiction, permit or planning regime. The output from the Services will normally be limited to advices, sketches, images and/or notes (the Results). Services are provided on an hourly basis with each hour paid in advance and as requested by the architect. Normally the Results can be achieved in 1 or 2 hours.  By special request, and further payment, the Results can be developed into (outline standard) plans and drawings.

  • The Results are advisory only and should not on their own be relied on to make important decisions about your house. Proper local professional advice as to permits/ planning, prices, structural  and other engineering advices and expertise on local risks (seismology, flood, wildfire etc)  must always be sought locally.

  • Professional liability for the Services provided are limited to the sum of the fees paid and no liability whatsoever is accepted beyond that sum.

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